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In 2005, the domain (which means directdemocracy in Portuguese) was bought for the development of an initiative for of the increase of citizen's participation in government's decisions in Brazil. The project ended up in another web address (

Then I decided to use this space to publish fragments of my last master's dissertation, which was written at the London School of Economics in 2004. The website's traffic started to increase and, some time later, I decided to revise and translate the dissertation into Portuguese to publish it here. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to revise the English version of the text. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a good idea to make it available online, even though it still has a few problems - well, at least it got a distinction at the LSE, which is the highest mark, so it cannot be that bad :)

Some people ask me why I decided to use the domain directdemocracy to publish the texts. First of all, my dissertation has a direct connection with this subject. Also, I like to think that my researches and works of art are somehow a form of direct participation - although a modest one - in the construction of our reality. This is why I have also included links to a few of other works that also count with my contribution.

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